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LIME Does More Than Paint

From the initial install and throughout its life, there are varying levels of maintenance and restoration required in the upkeep of stucco, eifs, and dryvit substrates. From new construction to repaints and restoration needs, LIME provides industry-leading stucco services for these substrates.

How Do I Know If My Stucco, Eifs, or Dryvit System Needs to Be Treated?

Depending upon the weathering of the surface and the integrity of the substrate’s initial install, the substrate should have about a ten-year timeframe until the surface needs maintenance. You’ll know that the elements are deteriorating the integrity of the substrate once the surface becomes porous, which promotes hairline cracks to develop crumbling, buckling, or bubbling.

Tip: An easy eye test to determine whether your substrate needs to be treated is to check the extensiveness of water stains along areas where the water tends to run and pool. Some of these areas include the side of your property that doesn’t get much sunlight, around window frames, and along flower beds. This staining is usually black and/or brown in color and holds moisture.

How Do You Maintain Your Stucco/Eifs/Dryvit Substrate?

Coatings are like a glove; they provide a barrier to protect from the elements the surface to which they are applied. In essence, the coating system wraps the surface and prevents the substrate from continuing to weather.

Tip: Relatively speaking, coatings are very thin and mimic the existing surface that they are being applied over. The existing texture of substrate and aesthetic appearance will remain intact after being coated, so there is no need to be concerned about the new coating leveling out the texture of your system and changing its appearance. Additionally, you can apply a flat finish so that the surface doesn’t have a sheen.

LIME Patches and Skim Coats

Whether it is due to turnover or woodpecker holes, LIME will match the existing texture and finish of the current system to ensure a custom result that is professional.

Tip: Woodpecker holes can be a nuisance. Once LIME patches these holes, we can install hanging reflective streamers and/or owl statues to deter those pesky visitors so that they visit your neighbors instead. ☺

Initial Installation

From the backer wall to the top-coat texture and all of the layers in between, LIME ensures that all components of the stucco, eifs, and drivet systems are installed with quality.

Whether on a new construction project or a tear off and install, LIME assesses and understands the scope of work warranted and installs a new system with expertise.

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